Nerds Need to Network Too Wednesday, Sep 28 2011 

Terrifying isn’t it? That’s how I’ve felt about networking. Oh, I’ve forced myself to go because as a numbers girl I realize 100% of my clients have hired me because they were referred to me. Those referrals came from people who know me. Considering what I do, that makes perfect sense. You don’t want to hire someone to be up to their elbows in your financial data by throwing a dart, or because they have a snazzy advertisement. You want someone you can trust and you need to know someone before you can trust them. Therefore reason says, if I want to expand my business I must receive referrals. I will receive more referrals if I know more people and therefore, I must meet people. Reason wins and I force myself to go networking.

Once I’m there at the dreaded networking event however, my introverted nature says, “Find a dark corner to hide in and just observe.” That sort of defeats the whole purpose of a networking event doesn’t it? Being a logical girl I realize that and push myself out of my comfort zone with another strategy.

Find a friendly face, introduce myself and start asking lots of questions about them. This works beautifully for a while. Not only am I not trying to think of what to say to interest someone, I really would rather hear about them. I like entrepreneurs. I like hearing about their businesses and I love how excited they are about what they do. I’m totally entertained, almost breathing normally and am about to pat myself on the back when the worst thing happens.

This nice person reciprocates and starts asking me questions. Oh, no! What to do? Not only do most people consider what I do boring, but, I’m not a fabulous conversationalist.  Come on now, you know it’s boring. I’ve yet to have someone say, “You’re an accountant? That sounds like such an exciting career.” On top of that to say repartee is not my forte is an understatement!  In a group conversation I’m still thinking about what the last person said when the next person starts talking. If I do manage to add anything of interest and someone were to say, as they do sometimes, “did you stay up all night thinking that up?” I’d be inclined to answer, “Yes, I did. What gave it away?”

Needless to say, how to reply without boring people to tears when they ask, “so what do you do?” has been challenging for me.  If you’ve ever found yourself with any challenges when networking do not despair! There is hope. Recently I attended great workshop called Networking for Newbies hosted by Veronika Noize, the SOHO Marketing GURU. Ronnie was entertaining and informative. She really simplified the process of how to present yourself and your business without putting people to sleep. I can’t recommend the workshop enough. Although I’m in no danger of being the life of the party, I can now network without a paper bag handy.

How a Left-Brained Girl Found Happiness with Pink Suede Boots Thursday, Jul 14 2011 

I admit it! As a left-brained girl I’m prone to reason, calculation and logic. That’s good for the field I am in. After all, what use would a frivolous bookkeeper be to her clients? I am just enough of a girl however, that I LOVE shoes, all sorts of shoes! I even love shoes that you may only wear a few times. When I’ve found the shoes I so dearly wanted to purchase in times past, the logical left side of my brain would overrule me and say, “They are cute, but what will be your cost per wear ?” Yes, every time I want to buy a purse, outfit or shoes I ask myself what will each wearing cost me, and, is it a good value? This sort of logic has allowed me to purchase multiple  COACH bags, due to the lifetime product guarantee . It has not allowed me to purchase cute non-practical shoes, until I discovered DÉJÀ VU.

DÉJÀ VU is not only a French phrase it is a wonderful consignment boutique located at 16111 S.E. McGillivray Ste. F, Vancouver, WA. It’s where I found happiness with a pair of pink suede boots for only $2. Yes, my friends I did say $2, and for that price I could own them, and keep my left-brain quiet at the same time. While not everything is priced quite as low as my beloved boots you will always find exceptional value and a helpful staff.

DÉJÀ VU has grown and is having a grand reopening sale this Saturday, July 16th. If that wasn’t reason enough to make you feel good about shopping, they will be donating 5% of all of their sales to the Clark County Skill Center . In this tough economy it’s nice to see a local business doing well, helping the youths in the community, and of course, sharing happy shoe shopping with everyone. Hope to see you there. (I’ll be the one in the pink suede boots.)

Business owners watch out for this phishing scam! Monday, Nov 8 2010 

You open your e-mail and are contacted by EFTPS about a previous deposit. You panic and wonder how this could happen. You check the e-mail and web address it lists. They end in .gov so it must be legitimate – right? Then you bend over backward to try to correct your error. You may even give business information via e-mail, something we normally would never do but this is the government.  The next thing you know you’re in the middle of a fraud investigation wasting time and resources you just don’t have to spare.

The idea that this could happen to any small business owner makes me mad therefore I decided to pass on the information you need to protect yourselves.

  1. EFTPS is a safe and efficient way to make payroll related tax deposits. They are very careful with your business’ confidential information and NEVER send e-mail messages. If you receive something from anyone claiming to represent EFTPS via e-mail it is a scam. Forward the e-mail to
  2. If you have questions about something you receive contact EFTPS via phone.
  3. Lastly, a tip that I was given by a brilliant small business owner (shameless plug for Joe at If you are ever you doubt the source of an e-mail rolling your mouse over it will show you where it really came from. In this case rolling the mouse over the phony .gov address and e-mail address reveal that it isn’t EFTPS contacting you. This little tip can save you with all sorts of scams.
  4. Get a good spam filter and you won’t even need to look at any of these scams.

Please feel free to share this information with anyone who needs it.

WIN and Blogging Friday, Feb 12 2010 

At a recent WIN meeting I learned about the importance of helping my fellow professionals by social networking and blogging. I’ve avoided producing a blog up until now because I prefer listening to speaking. What was recently brought to my attention and assisted me in taking this leap was the fact that if you have knowledge of any sort and you can help the people in your network you owe it to them to do it.

That leads me to the here and now. I’m here and now, I would ask for your help. If any of you have any questions please ask. I will do my best to answer them or point you in the right direction to find an answer.