I admit it! As a left-brained girl I’m prone to reason, calculation and logic. That’s good for the field I am in. After all, what use would a frivolous bookkeeper be to her clients? I am just enough of a girl however, that I LOVE shoes, all sorts of shoes! I even love shoes that you may only wear a few times. When I’ve found the shoes I so dearly wanted to purchase in times past, the logical left side of my brain would overrule me and say, “They are cute, but what will be your cost per wear ?” Yes, every time I want to buy a purse, outfit or shoes I ask myself what will each wearing cost me, and, is it a good value? This sort of logic has allowed me to purchase multiple  COACH bags, due to the lifetime product guarantee . It has not allowed me to purchase cute non-practical shoes, until I discovered DÉJÀ VU.

DÉJÀ VU is not only a French phrase it is a wonderful consignment boutique located at 16111 S.E. McGillivray Ste. F, Vancouver, WA. It’s where I found happiness with a pair of pink suede boots for only $2. Yes, my friends I did say $2, and for that price I could own them, and keep my left-brain quiet at the same time. While not everything is priced quite as low as my beloved boots you will always find exceptional value and a helpful staff.

DÉJÀ VU has grown and is having a grand reopening sale this Saturday, July 16th. If that wasn’t reason enough to make you feel good about shopping, they will be donating 5% of all of their sales to the Clark County Skill Center . In this tough economy it’s nice to see a local business doing well, helping the youths in the community, and of course, sharing happy shoe shopping with everyone. Hope to see you there. (I’ll be the one in the pink suede boots.)